Children of Eden


Institute Francais


Branding, Event, Promotional Kit


January 21, 2016

Children of Eden is a two-act musical performed by Jakarta Performance Art Community—based upon a concept by Charles Lisanby. The musical is based on the Book of Genesis, and tells the story of Adam and Eve, Cain, Abel, until Noah and the Flood.

Despite the theme and classic story that is presented by the musical, the client long for a brand new and fresh concept for the design. The design should attract people from any kind of age, and also be friendly and attractive to young children. With digital collage papercut, the artwork reconstructs the narrative story throughout the presented metaphors. Everything from the garden, woman hand, apple, to the flood, describe the story in a coherent arrangement from start to end. With clockwise direction, the illustration also shows the belief of the characters in the end of the story, where they can go back to the Garden and live the rest of their lives as the Children of Eden.

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